AutoCAD Intermediate training

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Birmingham / Bromsgrove

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Availability & Booking

Milton Keynes

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Availability & Booking


Availability & Booking
Key details

Key details

Building on the basics, AutoCAD intermediate training teaches existing users how to use the advanced features and commands available in the application. 

You will learn a wide range of techniques, tricks and tips that most AutoCAD users are unaware of, that will bring you significant productivity gains and ensure you’re utilising the full power that AutoCAD offers.

Sessions include:

  • Setup and configuration of AutoCAD.
  • Advanced use of layers.
  • Dimensioning strategy and principles.
  • Scaling with text and dimensions.

As with all of our AutoCAD courses, when you attend AutoCAD Intermediate training you receive:

  • A comprehensive training guide.
  • An e-certificate confirming successful course completion. This is emailed to delegates directly from Autodesk. Click here to see an example of the certificate you receive.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at existing AutoCAD users who want to take their use of the application to the next level.

Where does training take place?

Courses are available at our centres at Birmingham, Bristol, Milton Keynes, Reading and Sheffield.

Click here for details about our training centres.

Accredited AutoCAD training

Armada is an Autodesk authorised Training Centre (ATC), and our AutoCAD Intermediate training courses are accredited by Autodesk.

Expert trainers

AutoCAD Intermediate training is hosted by Autodesk Certified Instructors, with vast experience of using the application professionally.

How will I learn?

AutoCAD Intermediate training is hands-on and practical.

Our trainers teach the necessary theory then demonstrate techniques step-by-step. You then practice the techniques taught on a computer running AutoCAD.

There is plenty of time to ask questions, and you can take away all the files you create.


You should be familiar with the fundamentals of AutoCAD, i.e. have attended AutoCAD Essentials training or have equivalent knowledge through other means.

Our guarantees to you

We offer:

On-request AutoCAD Intermediate training also available

As well as our scheduled courses, AutoCAD Intermediate training is also available on-request, i.e. one-to-one training or a ‘closed’ course for your group.

On-request courses can be hosted at one of our centres or your venue. Your training can be tailored to take into account any existing knowledge you have, and the work you’re going to be doing in AutoCAD. See On-request AutoCAD training for details.


General information

General information

Course times


AutoCAD version

Training is based primarily on AutoCAD 2019, running on Windows. It is relevant to:

  • All recent versions of AutoCAD – 2010 and later.
  • AutoCAD LT and full AutoCAD.

Please contact us if you’re going to be using AutoCAD for Mac.

After course support

Following AutoCAD training, delegates are entitled to 30 days’ email support from their AutoCAD trainer to help with any post-course issues.


Payment for AutoCAD training can be made bank transfer or card. View training course payment options.

We accept purchase orders from UK-registered companies.


If a company or delegate cancels an AutoCAD training course booking giving less than 10 working days’ notice, a cancellation fee is payable. View cancellation terms.


Course content

Course content

Point Filters

Text Fields

Tables and Table styles



Building symbol libraries – never draw something twice!

Tool Palettes

Writing Macros for Customised Icons

Customizing the User Interface (CUI)

Dynamic Blocks

Block Attributes

Data Extraction

Referenced Drawings (Xrefs)

Draw Order

Working with Raster Images

Viewing Raster Image Information

Dimension Styles and Sub Styles

Creating a Dialog Box Using CUI for Dimension Tolerancing


Revision Clouds

Annotative Hatching

Annotative Objects and Styles

Multileader Styles

Advanced use of Layer Groups and Filters


CTB Files (pen setup)


Setup and Configuration of AutoCAD


Discounts and bundles

Discounts and bundles

To make your AutoCAD training as affordable as possible, we offer:

  • A range of training discounts on our scheduled (public) AutoCAD training courses.
  • Bundle prices if you attend AutoCAD Intermediate along with other courses.
  • A price guarantee that you won’t get introductory-level AutoCAD training for less.

Training discounts

Multiple places

If you book multiple course places, we can offer you:

  • 10% discount if you book two places.
  • 15% discount if you book three or four places.
  • 20% discount if you book five or more places.

This can be for several people attending one course, one person attending several courses, or a combination.


We offer a 10% discount on scheduled AutoCAD course places to:

  • Students, teachers and lecturers.
  • People who work for a registered charity.
  • ISTC members.
  • Delegates self-funding their training for career progression purposes.

Please call us if you qualify for a discount. Evidence of your status that entitles you to a discount may be requested.

Terms and exclusions

Only one of the above discounts can be applied to any booking. If you qualify for more than one of the above discounts, choose the one that saves you the most.

The above discounts are not available for training bundles or on-request course bookings (one-to-one training or a course for your group).

Bundle prices

AutoCAD training bundle. Attend:

for £995 + VAT, saving £390 + VAT.

Bundle prices are calculated automatically when you book online.

Price guarantee

When you book training with Armada, we want you to be certain that you’re not paying over-the-odds. So, if you book a place on any scheduled (public) course and then find the same course at a lower price elsewhere, we will match that price.

To qualify for the price match:

  • The course you find must be comparable. By this we mean it must:
      • Cover the same subject.
      • Be the same duration or longer.
      • Hold the same accreditations as our course, i.e. it must be provided by an Autodesk Authorised Training Centre (ATC).
      • Be in the same region, i.e. within 50 miles of our centre.
  • The lower price must be advertised on the other company’s website.

To claim a price match, just call any time before attending your course and tell us where you saw the price.

“Excellent course. Not only have I learned more about the functionality of AutoCAD, but with Carl's knowledge and experience of the software I feel will improve my workflow. 10 out of 10.”

Bill H

“Excellent pace of learning, clear instruction and good breaks.”

Tom P

“Very useful course, will support me with my current job role.”

Daniel B

“Fantastic course, thank you.”

Robert M

“Instructor Simon was fantastic and a great help for furthering my knowledge and autocad ability - Thank you!”

James G

“I really enjoyed the experience - I will be looking at attending a 3D course in the future to further enhance myself and the companies brand in the future.”

Kenan K

“A great course that gave me some real good pointers and have learnt a whole new way of drawing. would recommend this course to anyone that wants to start modelling products.”

Dale B

“Excellent course for improving productivity.”

Mareks E

“Completed training for AutoCAD Intermediate course. CAD trainer was well experienced with the software. Taught us how to use AutoCAD efficiently and how to adapt to out own work purpose.”

Peter O

“Really enjoyed the course and I have learnt a lot more techniques help me in my job. Carl was very helpful!”

Melissa B

“Stuart was an excellent tutor!”

Ben F

“Learned a great deal on the course and Carl was a great teacher!

Ian G

“It was a very good course

Gabriela S

“Very good course, trainer was excellent

Ben E


Emily S

“Excellent course, vary informative. Instructor (Peter Jones) was very helpful and a good teacher. Only downside for me was the pace could have been quicker.”

James S

“Enjoyed the course and more confident in using AutoCAD for the purpose of my work. It is useful that you can ask questions after the course via e-mail, as I am the only one in my company that can use CAD.”

Emily S


Adrian F

“I found the intimacy of the course very helpful. Being part of a small group allowed me to ask direct questions and receive continued support.

Samantha A

“Great Course. Great instruction from Carl

Ben H

“Good course, would recommend.”

Samuel D

“Brilliant course - would definitely recommend.

Benjamin G

“Brilliant course yet again by Carl. Very knowledgeable and very enthusiastic about Autocad. Carl is a fantastic 'CAD operator'. ”

Charles M

“Another great course that built on the Essentials course. I'm looking forward to the 3D course next.”

Malc P

“The course was very fun and I gained lots of knowledge and skills in the software. Carl was the instructor and he was fantastic. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

William P

“Very informative course aided by a good step by step process delivered by the tutor.

Tom A

“Great Course and Instructor

Alex W