AutoCAD training
AutoCAD for Mac Essentials training

3 days
In centre:
£495+ VAT
Live online:
£345+ VAT

Key details

Key details

AutoCAD for Mac has been designed to utilise the power of AutoCAD using your Mac. Integrated with the Mac OS, it offers Mac-specific features including a specialised interface, coverflow navigation and multi-touch gestures.

This introductory-level AutoCAD for Mac course teaches how to use the key tools available to produce high quality, to-scale 2D CAD drawings, plans and designs. The drawing techniques taught are generic, meaning that they’re relevant to all industries. As such, you’ll be able to apply them to whatever you’re going to be doing in AutoCAD for Mac.

Course delegates receive:

  • A highly-practical training guide, to refer to throughout the course and use as a refresher afterwards.
  • An e-certificate confirming successful completion of an accredited AutoCAD for Mac training course. This is emailed to delegates directly from Autodesk. Click here to see an example of the certificate you receive.

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for:

  • Newcomers to AutoCAD for Mac, and CAD in general.
  • Self-taught AutoCAD for Mac users who want to learn correct techniques.
  • Users switching to AutoCAD for Mac from a different CAD tool.

How does AutoCAD for Mac training work?

You’ll attend the same course as people who learning to use AutoCAD running on Windows, and your trainer will demonstrate techniques using both AutoCAD for Mac and the Windows version of AutoCAD.

You’ll practice the techniques taught using a Mac.

Your trainer will be familiar with AutoCAD for Mac, and will be able to explain how to carry out all techniques taught in your course using AutoCAD for Mac.

In-class or live online training

In-class AutoCAD for Mac courses are available at our centres at Birmingham, Bristol, Milton Keynes, Reading and Sheffield. All centres have Macs available for delegates to use.  Click here for further details.

Our live online AutoCAD for Mac training option lets you participate as a ‘virtual delegate’, from your place of work or home. For a limited time, we’re offering discounts off the usual course price. See Live online training for details.

AutoCAD vs AutoCAD for Mac

For a comparison of the features available in AutoCAD for Mac and AutoCAD running on the Windows platform, see

Accredited AutoCAD for Mac training

Armada is an Autodesk authorised Training Centre (ATC), and our AutoCAD for Mac training courses are accredited by Autodesk.

AutoCAD for Mac courses are hosted by Autodesk Certified Instructors, with vast experience of using the application professionally. See Expert trainers.

How will I learn?

AutoCAD training is hands-on and practical.

Our trainers demonstrate techniques step-by-step. You then practice on a computer running AutoCAD. Exercises draw on real-world examples and scenarios, making them easy to relate to.

There is plenty of time to ask questions, and you can keep all the files you create.


Delegates should have a good working knowledge of the Mac OS. No prior CAD knowledge is necessary.

If you’re completely new to AutoCAD for Mac, there’s some preparation and familiarisation we recommend you do in the week before your course, to make sure you hit the ground running. We send you details about this in your course joining instructions.

Our guarantees to you

We offer:

On-request AutoCAD for Mac training available

AutoCAD for Mac Essentials training is available on-request, i.e. one-to-one training or a ‘closed course’ for your group.

On-request courses can be hosted at one of our centres, your venue, or online. Your training can be tailored to take into account any existing knowledge you have, and the work you’re going to be doing in AutoCAD for Mac. See On-request AutoCAD training for details.


General information

General information

Course times


AutoCAD for Mac version

Training is based primarily on AutoCAD for Mac LT 2022. It is relevant to:

  • All recent versions of AutoCAD for Mac – 2016 and later.
  • AutoCAD for Mac LT and full AutoCAD for Mac.

After course support

Following AutoCAD for Mac training, delegates are entitled to 30 days’ email support from their trainer to help with any post-course issues.


Payment for AutoCAD for Mac training can be made by bank transfer or card.

We accept purchase orders from UK-registered companies and public-sector organisations.

If you’re self-funding your training, you can pay in staged payments, interest-free, over 12 months.

For further details, see training course payment options.

Terms and conditions

Training course bookings are subject to our terms and conditions.

Expert trainers

Expert trainers

AutoCAD for Mac courses are hosted by Autodesk Certified Instructors, with vast experience of using the application professionally:

Martin McCann

Martin McCann Autodesk Certified Instructor

Martin McCann qualified as an Architect in 1986, and he holds a teaching certificate (further and adult education).

He is a long-established Autodesk Certified Instructor (ACI), a capacity in which he has taught thousands of professionals, including Architects, Structural Engineers and Mechanical Engineers, for over 20 years.

Martin has been commissioned by Autodesk on multiple occasions to host sessions for them at locations including New York, Chicago, Moscow, Milan and Munich. He has trained Autodesk’s staff and many other Autodesk Certified Instructors, and has operated as a visiting Lecturer at the University of Northumbria and Cambridge School of Art.

Martin is the author of the McCann’s BIM Guides series of published Revit training manuals.

Rod Cleasby

Rod Cleasby Autodesk Certified Instructor

Rod has over 25 years’ experience working as a designer, visualisation expert and artist. His specialist areas include architecture, interior design and the production of photorealistic 3d virtual environments. 

AutoCAD and 3ds Max have been the mainstay of Rod’s professional work for 20 years. He is also an expert in various related tools and technologies, including SketchUp and Photoshop, and he has expert knowledge of a wide range of renderers, including V-Ray, ART, Arnold and LightUp.

Rod has extensive experience training experience. He has worked as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster on their Computer Visualisation course, and he is a long-established Autodesk Certified Instructor.

Away from his professional work, Rod is an accomplished artist and musician, and a prolific writer of novels, novella, poetry and prose.

Stewart Cobb

Stewart Cobb Autodesk Certified Instructor

Stewart began his working life as a junior draughtsman, and progressed through to Design Director leading a studio of designers working on both 2D and 3D projects.

He then worked for himself for over 25 years, completing around 100 design projects per year for a myriad of clients, including household names such as Vauxhall and McDonalds.

As well as AutoCAD, Stewart is an expert user of Revit, 3ds Max and AutoCAD Plant 3D. He also specialises in the production of photorealistic rendered images and visualisations.

More recently, Stewart’s focus has been on training. He has been an Autodesk Certified Instructor since 2010. In between courses he continues to carry out project work, keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies and practices.

Outside of work, Stewart enjoys music (he runs the sound desk for a number of local bands), reading and playing with any new piece of technology he can lay his hands on!



Course content

Course content

Creating basic objects

  • Working with lines
  • Working with arcs
  • Working with polylines
  • Using grips
  • Using object snaps
  • Using object snap tracking
  • Using polar tracking

Saving your work

  • Auto-backups
  • Other file formats, DXF, etc.
  • Disaster recovery

Accurate object creation

  • Working with units
  • Dynamic input
  • Using Inquiry commands
  • Using measurement tools to find length, area, etc.

Object viewing

  • Zooming techniques
  • Panning techniques

Manipulating objects

  • Selecting objects in the drawing
  • Noun/verb selection
  • Using Quick Select
  • Moving objects
  • Copying objects
  • Rotating objects
  • Mirroring objects
  • Arraying objects
  • Scaling objects

Altering objects

  • Trimming and extending objects to defined boundaries
  • Creating parallel and offset geometry
  • Joining objects
  • Filleting corners between two objects
  • Chamfering corners between two objects
  • Stretching objects

Drawing organisation

  • Using layers
  • Changing object properties
  • Matching object properties
  • Using the properties palette
  • Using linetypes

Working with layouts

  • Using page setups
  • Using layouts
  • Scaling drawing views

Annotating the drawing

  • Creating multiline text
  • Creating single line text
  • Using text styles
  • Editing text


  • Creating dimensions
  • Using dimension styles
  • Editing dimensions
  • Using multileaders

Hatching objects

  • Hatching objects
  • Editing hatch objects

Working with reusable content

  • Creating and inserting blocks and symbols
  • Editing blocks and symbols
  • Using tool palettes
  • Working with groups

Layouts and paper space

  • Understanding model space and paper space
  • Creating layouts
  • Creating and using viewports
  • Setting viewport scales

Plotting your drawings

  • Plotting drawings
  • PDF output
  • Multiple sheet drawings
  • Using Plotstyles

Drawing templates

  • Creating drawing templates
  • Using drawing templates


Live online training

Live online training

Live online training lets you participate in a real AutoCAD for Mac Essentials course from your place of work or home. You can:

  • See and hear our trainer and other delegates participating in the training.
  • Allow our trainer and the other delegates to see you (if you have a webcam, and you’re agreeable).
  • Interact by speaking, using chat, or raising your ‘virtual hand’ if you need assistance.
  • Share your screen with our trainer to show them what you’re seeing.

Your experience will be as close as possible to actually being in the classroom…

  • The training will follow the same syllabus as our classroom-based AutoCAD for Mac Essentials courses.
  • It will be presented by the same Autodesk Certified Instructors.
  • We’ll post you a training guide, and send you all the information you need to participate in the training. We’ll even post you a headset and microphone if you need one.
  • You’ll receive the same e-certificate confirming successful completion of an Autodesk-accredited course as classroom-based delegates.
  • You’ll carry out exercises in AutoCAD for Mac, assisted by our trainer, just as if you were in-class.
  • You’ll be entitled to 30 days’ email support from your trainer.

All you need is an internet-connected Mac running AutoCAD. The setup is simple, but if there’s anything you’re not sure about we’re always here to help. If you haven’t got access to AutoCAD for Mac, we’ll send you a link to fully-functional trial software that you can download and install.

When you attend live online AutoCAD for Mac Essentials training, you’re participating in a real course, hosted by a real trainer, in real time.


Discounts and bundles

Discounts and bundles

To make your AutoCAD for Mac training as affordable as possible, we offer:

  • A range of training discounts on our scheduled (public) AutoCAD for Mac training courses.
  • A price guarantee that you won’t get introductory-level AutoCAD for Mac training for less.

Training discounts

Multiple places

If you book multiple course places, we can offer you:

  • 10% discount if you book two places.
  • 15% discount if you book three or four places.
  • 20% discount if you book five or more places.

This can be for several people attending one course, one person attending several courses, or a combination.

These discounts are available for both classroom-based courses and remote training.


We offer a 10% discount on scheduled AutoCAD for Mac course places to:

  • Students, teachers and lecturers.
  • People who work for a registered charity.
  • Delegates self-funding their training for career progression purposes.

These discounts are available for both classroom-based courses and remote training.

Please call us if you qualify for a discount. Evidence of your status that entitles you to a discount may be requested.

Terms and exclusions

Only one of the above discounts can be applied to any booking. If you qualify for more than one of the above discounts, choose the one that saves you the most.

The above discounts are not available for training bundles or on-request course bookings (one-to-one training or a course for your group).

Price guarantee

When you book training with Armada, we want you to be certain that you’re not paying over-the-odds. So, if you book a place on any scheduled (public) course and then find the same course at a lower price elsewhere, we will match that price.

To qualify for the price match:

  • The course you find must be comparable. By this we mean it must:
      • Cover the same subject.
      • Be the same duration or longer.
      • Hold the same accreditations as our course, i.e. it must be provided by an Autodesk Authorised Training Centre (ATC).
      • Be in the same region, i.e. within 50 miles of our centre.
  • The lower price must be advertised on the other company’s website.

To claim a price match, just call any time before attending your course and tell us where you saw the price.

“Really good experience. I came in with no knowledge at all and have come away knowing so much about AutoCAD. Very helpful.”

Laura F

“Really enjoyed the course and have gained a lot of new experience and knowledge. Stuart was really helpful and helped to further my learning.”

Sophie B

“Really enjoyed the course content and particularly the instructor who is very friendly and helpful, but most of all experienced and informative.”

Sue D

“Fantastic, thank you. A very positive experience all round. I've learned a tremendous amount in three days.”

Georgina C

“A* course. very well explained, would recommend to others.”

Jack R

“A very interesting and well presented course.”

Steve S

“Concise and relevant, very pleased with the course and its content.”

Daniel J

“Very good course and learned enough to carry on using to a good standard.”

Denise W

“A very informative and well put together course, giving people of all skill levels a very worthwhile training experience. Great communication and teaching throughout. Highly recommended.”

Thomas F

“I learned so much in such a short time, I would highly recommend this training course.”

Ellana R

“Brilliant course, knowledgeable teacher, happy to answer any questions and wait for us to keep up!”

Christopher B

“Really enjoyed the course. Stewart was a great tutor with incredible knowledge of AutoCAD.”

Liam S

“Stewart was very friendly, helpful and patient, he obviously has a huge amount of knowledge. The course was interesting and went at a good pace. I don't think it could be improved. Excellent.”

Sam M

“Very good course and instructor. I have used AutoCAD for some years but most of it has been self taught and this course definitely has shown me more efficient and useful ways of working.”

John S

“Good training course, gained some valuable knowledge which I hope will improve my day to day work.”

Sergiu S

“Excellent course for me to start with AutoCAD and a fantastic instructor. I am very happy with this course and will be back again for the next intermediate course.”

PhiIip R

“Carl was superb, very knowledgeable and took his time to explain to make things simple. Extremely happy with what I learned and how it was taught. ”

Craig M

“Great course and instructor”

Egija L

“Very good, our trainer was very knowledgeable and very approachable”

Ian S

“Course was good pace, easy to understand and tutor was excellent and engaging.”

Oona J

“Stewart was a brilliant trainer, took time to explain each detail thoroughly and adapted the learning to each individual learner within the room. The training facility was good with excellent PC's for the software that I was learning.”

Thomas F

“Really great course. I now have more confidence in my abilities with using AutoCAD. Really looking forward to starting the next part of training.”

Ben C

“Well taught and very worthwhile and I am happy with it.”

Matt U

“Extremely worthwhile course. I found it very beneficial.”

Iain M

“Very good training provided. Thanks”

Daniel W

“Very good course and helpful instructor”

Duncan G

“Carl delivered the course in much detail and passed on the skills and knowledge of how to use AutoCAD in a real life environment. I feel now I can take the skills learnt and make big improvements in our system.”

George A