On-request AutoCAD training

AutoCAD training is available ‘on-request’, i.e. one-to-one training, or a course exclusively for your group. 

When you book an on-request course, we’ll tailor your course to your specific requirements, taking into account:

  • Any existing knowledge you have.
  • Your specific requirements. You can choose a standard course, or ask to cover selected topics from our AutoCAD Essentials, AutoCAD Intermediate or AutoCAD 3D courses, or any other topics you may require.

We can arrange for you to discuss your requirements with one of our AutoCAD trainers, who’ll recommend the training that meets your requirements.

On-request training can be hosted at one of our centres, at your venue anywhere in the UK, or as a live online course. We can even offer hybrid courses, with some of your group attending in person, and others participating online.

Is the training industry-specific?

The AutoCAD drawing techniques you learn will be tailored to your industry.

We have trainers from a wide range of backgrounds, including engineering, architecture, interior design, automotive, and many others.

Your training will draw on exercises from your industry. You can incorporate your own drawings into the course if you prefer.

AutoCAD version

On-request courses can be based on any recent version of AutoCAD to suit you.